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Indian Divorce attorney;

please see our disclaimer first.

About Divorce Attorney India

we are Delhi based Lawyers having good Law office with experienced lawyers and staffs. we handling the matters related to Family Law, matrimonial Laws, Domestic Violence Cases, Maintenance Cases, Dowry Cases..etc..

we handling the matters like as under:-

-Annulment of Marriage.

-Judicial Separation cases

-Marriage Conjugal Rights Cases under section 9 of Hindu marriage Act,1955.

-Divorce by Mutual consent.

-Maintenance in Divorce Cases.

-Child Custody Cases.

-Dowry Cases under section 498a/406 IPC

-Quashing of F.I.R. under section 482 Crpc of Dowry cases.

-Foreign Divorce Cases.

-Anti-Suit in Foreign Divorce Proceeding.

-International Divorce Cases advise.


Phone: +91-11-22022079,9999318690

Email: info@divorce-lawyers-india.com

website: http://www.divorce-lawyers-india.com-



As per The Bar Council of India Act/Rules and The Advocates Act, 1961, the advocate cannot approach his/her client or advertise or promote his profession by way of advertisements. Thus this URL has not been created to approach or solicit our client or advertise our profession but to provide some necessary information to our existing clients. If still, you want to visit and know more about us and our services. Please enter here in below.


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